Videos of Big Tex Speaking and Moving

September 24, 2015

I spent some time at the State Fair of Texas in 2013, and I tried to capture Big Tex's booming voice making announcements. This was the first year for the newly restored Big Tex after the fire that destroyed the cowboy at the previous years' fair. I remember when he was first unveiled, there was some media speculation that he was chubby or not looking his best. Others said that Big Tex was now Tex Mex.

Big Tex with the wind filling his shirt

Big Tex on a cloudy day










Seeing Big Tex back in his enlarged circle gave me a great feeling. It still does now, knowing that he is back again this year.
Big Tex talking about the Pan Am Building events at the Texas State Fair 2013

Video of Big Tex speaking about a sponsor at the State Fair of Texas in 2013

Video of Big Tex saying, "State Fair of Texas"