Fun and Free Items at the Truck Zone

September 29, 2015
Free hat and Keychain from Ford

Free hat and keychain from Ford

I had a great time visiting the Truck Zone and the Ford exhibit. There is a children's play area in the Truck Zone. I won a free Ford hat and a keychain for playing the interactive games at the Ford Exhibit. One of the games required a group of people to move foam bricks around within a time limit. I didn't get to see what the prize was for that game. Since I was alone, no one agreed to play on my team, so I had to sit that one out. I did get to play the bean bag toss and the game where you press the button to try to get 3 symbols in a row to win $5. Instead, I won the keychain. It was fun to try, and I learned more about Fords.

I was embarrassed because I could not remember the type of Ford that I drove as a teenager when the lady at the booth asked me. I believe she thought I was lying about it, but I really could not remember. After all, that was over 30 years ago! I know it was a sedan, and I have a photo of it somewhere. I loved that car.