Free Sensodyne products at the State Fair of Texas

October 18, 2015

The Sensodyne exhibit at the 2015 State Fair of Texas was quite an experience. First, you line up for two free pretty good sized trial boxes of Sensodyne and Pronamel toothpaste. Next, they hand you a toothbrush with your choice of toothpaste and a brand new toothbrush holder. They also hand you a cup for rinsing. Next, you go to a working sink to brush your teeth and rinse. It was great, and that day at the fair, I really needed to brush my teeth. Plus, the free toothbrush was really nice. I didn't even know Sensodyne made toothbrushes! Next, you went into a trailer to discuss dental and gum hygiene with a dental professional. Last, they give you a free backpack with more sensodyne products, and coupons for their products. I was especially excited to get the coupons for SonicCare, which I actually use. However, the coupons expire really soon, and I am not sure I will need to buy replacement brushes that quickly. Still, it was a good experience. And I really appreciated being able to brush my teeth at the fair!